Thursday 25th Sept. 2014
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Nobel of the Day

Richard Gerum
Richard Gerum , CMPT
Reputation Winner
"for groundbreaking discoveries on low-dimensional chaos of internet of things."


The origin of traveling waves in an emperor penguin huddle Gerum R C, Fabry B, Metzner C, Beaulieu M, Ancel A and Zitterbart D P New J. Phys. 15 125022
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P : 6
R : 7
L : 7



Nb theories : 3000 - Nb theorie per player : 1000 - Nb players : NO LIMIT - Theories quality distribution : LOI_UNIFORME - Distribution min. : 0.85 - Distribution max. : 0.99 - Game ending : TEMPS - Duration : 28800s - True theories : 5% - Score special = 1

Statistics over the whole game period : In this game, we have added a new feature to better reflect refutation payoffs and give a better chance to people entering the game after it start : the refutation payoff depends on the difference between the scores of the two players : a player win more at refuting a player ranked higher than her than a player ranked lower than her ; a player refutating a player of the same level get the scores as indicated by the colored bars. This has the effect to give higher impact to refutation and make people play more strategically.

History of the play

If we were to built a narrative from this play, we could say something like this :

"This game with 19 participants has a very high incentive for publication compared to previous games. This incentive was not high enough to prevent the appearance of cycles of publication/refutation ; but stopping times where rather low both for refutation and publication which lead to an unstability on the average quality of the set o published theories.
The stategy of players have been quite heterogenous with some publication rushes quickly contained by refutations. The competition was very hard, especially in the last hour. Those who has carefully explored the set of theories accumulating counter examples during the game had enjoyed the benefits of this during the last rush, falsifying imprudent rushers.

Stopping times Average quality Average quality

Which were the true theories of that world ?