Wednesday 24th Sept. 2014
Game of the Day Slow Science

Nobel of the Day

Laura Maria Alessandretti
Laura Maria Alessandretti, ISI Foundation
Slow Science Winner
"for groundbreaking discoveries on artificial creatures of bifurcation theory."
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at Cambridge Univ. Press stand

P : 3
R : 7
L : 7



Nb theories : 3000 - Nb theorie per player : 1500 - Nb players : NO LIMIT - Theories quality distribution : LOI_UNIFORME - Distribution min. : 0.85 - Distribution max. : 0.99 - Game ending : TEMPS - Duration : 28800s - True theories : 5% - Score special = 1 Statistics over the whole game period :

History of the play

If we were to built a narrative from this play, we could say something like this :

"This game with 23 participants had a typical old style slow science dynamics. People worked hard at publication an focus on publications. But when they try to falsify others, they work even harder. The result is a very slow discovery process with an extremly high quality (and avg >0.995% of true results for theories)

Laura Maria Alessandretti

Stopping times Average quality Average quality

Which were the true theories of that world ?