Contributors @ISC-PIF


David Chavalarias, David dot chavalarias hat iscpif dot fr
David Chavalarias, CNRS permanent researcher @ISC-PIF/CAMS, socio-semantic networks, social mining and cultural dynamics modelling.

Samuel Castillo
Doctorant contractuel @ LIP6 / ISC-PIF
Contact info.

Maziyar Panahi, CNRS engineer @ISC-PIF, Science en Poche project. Big Data and mobile app for citizen science

Alexandre Delanöe, CNRS researcher @CAMS/ISC-PIF, FORCCAST project. Socio-semantic networt reconstruction, controversies analysis.

Jean-Philippe Cointet, INRA permanent researcher @INRA SenS, Morphogenesis of socio-semantic networks, Knowledge dynamics representation, Diffusion process in social networks.

Jean-Baptiste Leenart, independant researcher, mobile apps for science and free will.